News paths to new knowledge

60 years ago SymbioPharm Ltd emerged from an idea just as simple as it was revolutionary:

“Healing with bacteria“

From humble beginnings and an unusual approach a modern pharmaceutical enterprise, which has retained its mindset and roots, was formed. Still today the focus-point of this middle-sized company is on the microbial field.

SymbioPharm Ltd has developed into one of the leading companies in the microbial – pharmaceutical branch, being active in production as well as scientific research.

Even a few years ago one still spoke of symbiotic control and of the colonisation of probiotic germs. Today, thanks to many clinical studies, we know:

The effect of probiotic bacteria far extends that which was earlier understood. Microbial therapy with Symbioflor means modern immune modulation with living and non-living probiotic bacteria.

New insights enhance our awareness and help us along. Our target, and dedicated code of practice has been, for 60 years, to realise these insights successfully in our products.