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Our mission: Healing with bacteria


Pioneer in microbiome research and evidence-based probiotics since 1954

About us

We are SymbioPharm

Our mission is to preserve health and to heal diseases with probiotic bacteria. 

The health benefit of our products is our success and we are creating the future of probiotic medicine. Every day. 

We research the human microbiome and we are developing microbial therapy concepts for the immune system, a healthy gut and a healthy respiratory tract.

We, SymbioPharm, are the manufacturer of the well-known pharmaceutical drug Symbioflor®.

We are pioneers in microbiome research and evidence-based probiotics - Since 1954. 

State of the art technologies in our biotech-laboratory and close interaction with in-house physicians and medical scientists enable us to create first in kind innovative products, such as Symbioflor® 1 – one of the very first probiotic pharmaceuticals globally. We make use of the purely biological effect of natural occuring bacteria, to improve health and wellbeing in a number of indications. 

SymbioPharm is fully integrated from R&D to pharmaceutical production at our headquarter in Germany and is part of a privately held group of Institute of Microecology for microbiome diagnostics, Ambulatory healthcare center (MVZ) and SymbioVaccin for personalized therapies. We operate at highest quality standards and continue to create new product solutions for prevention and therapy.

Every day, 
2.5 million drops
of Symbioflor® are
consumed worldwide.

We are actively shaping the future of probiotic medicine.

Our growing product portfolio comprises more than 20 products of pharmaceuticals, nutritional and dietary supplements, as well as medicinal products, which are available in 16 countries globally. 

And our vision is becoming true: Every single day about 2.5 million drops of our Symbioflor-products are used across the globe for therapy and prevention. Thousands of customers use our pro- and prebiotic products every day to improve and maintain their health. Healthy by nature, because the health of tomorrow starts with the probiotics of today.

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