Support the immune system

Take the new SymbioLact® Pro Immun to prevent colds

Good news for all those who frequently catch colds: SymbioLact® Pro Immun – a new food supplement from SymbioPharm – is designed to support a normal immune system. It combines 1000 units of vitamin D3* per capsule with two selected strains of lactic acid bacteria – namely Lactobacillus plantarum HEAL9 and Lactobacillus paracasei 8700:2. The two strains of bacteria have been shown to be beneficial to health in several studies. In addition, the product contains vitamin B12* and folic acid*, which also support normal immune system function.

Not only in winter, but also in the transition period to the warmer season, many people have colds because their immune system is compromised. Since viruses are usually the triggers of colds, antibiotics are useless - they only work against bacteria. To support the immune system*, dietary supplements such as the new SymbioLact® Pro Immune are suitable. It provides vitamins D, B12 and folic acid and the two bacterial strains Lactobacillus plantarum HEAL9 andLactobacillus paracasei 8700:2 with a high biological activity (1 billion colony forming units (CFU) per capsule).


*Vitamin D, vitamin B12 and folate (folic acid = vitamin B9) contribute to normal immune system function.

Fewer colds, milder symptoms

Fewer colds = fewer days of absence

The two selected lactic acid bacterial strains can strengthen the immune system: In clinical studies with children1 and adults2, 3, preventive 12-week use of a combination of Lactobacillus plantarum HEAL9 and Lactobacillus paracasei 8700:2 resulted in fewer cold episodes.
If colds did occur, the colds lasted less time and symptoms were less severe.3, 4 In addition, fewer concomitant medications were needed.1 Daily intake of the bacteria for 12 weeks was well tolerated.1-4

The sunshine vitamin is often missing

Vitamin D can be produced by the skin itself with sufficient UV-B radiation, which is why it is called the “sunshine vitamin”. Nevertheless, many people have a vitamin D deficiency because, especially during the winter months, sunlight in Central and Northern Europe is not sufficient for vitamin D synthesis. Since many people spend more and more time indoors or only go out in the sun with sunscreen products, they are also undersupplied with vitamin D in summer. In addition, the ability to synthesize vitamin D decreases with age.
In the above-mentioned cases, regular administration of vitamin D3 makes sense, because insufficient vitamin D levels are associated with an increased risk of acute respiratory infections.5

Vitamin B12 important for blood formation and cell division

We absorb vitamin B12 through animal foods. An inadequate supply exists in vegan diets, due to the intake of gastroprotective drugs and inflammation of the stomach or intestinal mucosa. In particular, patients with type 2 diabetes who take long-term metformin may also develop a vitamin B12 deficiency.6

Folate (folic acid) is found in various plant and animal foods. However, the vitamin is sensitive to light and heat. Prolonged storage and soaking, as well as keeping foods warm for long periods, significantly reduce folate content.

Easy to take

SymbioLact® Pro Immune is packaged in capsules and is therefore easy to take. The recommended intake is 1 capsule daily - with a total bacterial count of lactic acid bacteria of 1 billion colony-forming units (CFU) per capsule.


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