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The miracle of the intestine
Like the brain, the intestine controls complex processes in our body. This fascinating structure, with its complex nervous system, is essential for our health. The importance of the intestinal bacteria which reside there is only gradually becoming clear. Their positive properties are now what everyone is talking about: Intestinal bacteria break up indigestible nutrients from our food, supply the body with important vitamins and train the immune system. Balanced intestinal flora is essential for our well-being, while an imbalance can cause various illnesses.

A total of over 100 billion bacteria of various types live in our bodies. Contact with bacteria at birth lays the foundation for a bacterial ecosystem and recent evidence suggests that first contact is made in the womb. With the huge number of bacteria in our intestine and on our skin, we all maintain our own symbiotic relationship, which changes during the course of our lives. External factors such as environmental influences, nutrition, medication or stress can have a negative impact on the intestinal flora and cause acute problems. These problems may affect the airways, intestinal health or the immune system. This may lead to illnesses such as sinusitis, chronic bronchitis, COPD, irritable bowel syndrome or issues in the genital area.

So why not use the positive influence of the natural intestinal bacteria and develop effective therapies against these illnesses based on symbiosis? This is exactly the approach used by microbial therapy. Preparations containing viable, health-promoting bacteria help to regulate the body's own defences at the mucosa in the intestine, in the airways and in the vaginal area, thus preventing recurrent infections in these areas.

A healthy and balanced composition of bacteria in the intestine helps the immune system to identify unwanted invaders such as pathogenic bacteria and viruses. This is because activated immune cells move through the body and settle on the mucosa. The intestinal flora therefore also influences the body's defences at the mucosa of the upper airways. However, the bacteria in the intestine itself also help to maintain balanced intestinal activity without any problems. As early, as during pregnancy and in the first few months of life, preparations containing bacteria can help to lay the foundation for a healthy immune system.

Healing with bacteria: For a strong immune system and healthy mucosa throughout the body – right from the outs