Symbio Vag® Lactat - Now new!

Intimate area in balance

These vaginal suppositories contain lactic acid, among other things. Lactic acid builds up and maintains the physiological acidic pH value of the vagina.

SymbioVag® Lactat

  • supports the lactic acid producing bacteria maintaining the physiological pH value
  • serves as effective buffer system combining calcium lactate pentahydrate and tartaric acid.

An acidic vaginal environment is an effective barrier against pathogens.


SymbioVag® Lactat is available in any German pharmacy.

What is it used for?

For building up and maintaining a physiological pH value in the vagina.

Because, it is the requirement for maintaining or re-establishing a physiological vaginal flora.

Different influences such as taking medication (anitbiotics or chemotherapy drugs), inflammatory diseases of the vagina or pregnancy can lead to a weakening or to destruction of the natural protective flora.

What´s inside?

The SymbioVag® Lactat vaginal suppository contains tartaric acid, calcium lactate pentahydrate (corresponding 39 mg lactic acid), inulin and hard fat.

How do I use it?

Unless otherwise prescribed, put the SymbioVag® Lactat suppository deep into the vaginal passage before going to bed.

Good to know

In case of hypersensitivity against one of the ingredients, SymbioVag® Lactat must not be used. Farther, SymbioVag® Lactat should not be used during menstrual period.

When SymbioVag® Lactat is used simultaneously with condoms, it can reduce the tear resistance and therefore affect the safety of the condom due to the composition of SymbioVag® Lactat.

In rare cases, a burning or itching in the intimate area can occur during the application of SymbioVag® Lactat. In this case SymbioVag® Lactat should not used further and medical advice should be sought.