SymbioLact® = SymbioSan® - the clever alternative

As well as the lactic acid bacteria SymbioLact® contains vitamin Biotin. Biotin is extremely important for the metabolism of our body´s cells. Especially very active tissue, such as mucous membrane needs Biotin in order to correctly regulate the cell distribution process. The intestinal mucous membrane regenerates itself completely every two or three days. In order to carry out this enormous task the body must be well supplied with the necessary nutritional elements which are required for the regeneration of new tissue structures.

Products with lactic acid and Biotin are a valuable contribution to daily nutrition. SymbioLact® products are designed to operate in different sections of the intestine.

  • SymbioLact® A for the small intestine
  • SymbioLact® B for the large intestine
  • SymbioLact® Comp for the complete intestinal tract
  • SymbioLact® pur for allergy sufferers

SymbioLact® pur was developed in order that allergy sufferers also have access to lactic acid bacteria: the product contains the lactic acid Lactobacillus acidophilus und Bifidobacterium lactis in appropriate concentrations, as well as Biotin and the dietry fibre Inulin. SymbioLact® pure is free of milk protein, milk sugar, gluten and soya.

SymbioLact® products are available in any German pharmacy.

In Kasachstan SymbioLact® is named as SymbioSan® .


  • lactic acid forming bacteria
  • high activity
  • vitamin Biotin

The lactic acid bacteria found in SymbioLact® are natural representatives of the intestinal flora. As soon as they come into contact with water the dry frozen bacteria can activate and multiply. 

How do I take SymbioLact®?

SymbioLact® should be taken once or twice daily in a glass of water or stirred into cold tea. 

What´s in it?

SymbioLact® A: Lactobacillus acidophilus, SymbioLact® B: Bifidobacterium lactis. SymbioLact® Comp: L. acidophilus, Lactobacillus paracasei, Lactococcus lactis und B. lactis. The products also contain Maltodextrin, Siliciumdioxide und Biotin.

Good to know

SymbioLact® products are also suitable for infants and small children. The products can, for example, be stirred into lukewarm tea, but are not to be taken with fruit juices.