SymbioFem® protect - the protective tampon

  • protective tampon impregnated with pure vaseline oil
  • reduced infiltration of contaminated water
  • decreases risk of infection

Whoever makes the effort of swimming a few lengths or takes time to relax in the sauna, wants to do something for her health but doesn´t want to attract an infection. The patent swim- and protective tampon SymbioFem® protect safeguards: it reduces the infiltration of chlorinated or contaminated water into the female intimate area.

SymbioFem® protect is a tampon which is impregnated with pure vaseline oil and which acts as a protective barrier. This barrier reduces the infiltration of water while bathing and in this way maintains the natural acid-protection of the vaginal mucous membrane. Alien bacteria and fungi, which feel particulary at home in an alkaline vaginal environment, find it therefore, noticeably more difficult to reproduce there.

SymbioFem protect – the clever protection for swimming and bathing.

SymbioFem protect is available in any German pharmacy.