Symbio Vag® - Natural help with recurring vaginal infections

Threefold protection

  • Lactic acid bacteria for an intact vaginal flora
  • Inulin as nutrient for the vaginal flora
  • Lactic acid for the first acidification

Three-tiered protection

The female intimate area is heavily populated with Lactic acid bacteria. Bacteria form a protective barrier on the vaginal surface. Factors such as the intake of antibiotics or the intensive use of cleansing lotions can disturb this protective flora and leave the vaginal area more susceptible to infections.

The probiotic suppository SymbioVag® helps to stabilise the natural protective flora and to break the vicious circle of recurring vaginal infections. The suppository contains probiotic Lactic acid in high concentrations, Inulin as a nutrient for the bacteria and Lactic acid for the first acidification.

SymbioVag® is available in any German pharmacy.

How do I use it?

Put the suppository deep into the vaginal passage before going to bed. SymbioVag should be implemented for at least 10 consecutive days.

What´s inside?

Lyophilised Lactic-acid bacteria cultures, Calcium-Lactate, Inulin, hard fat.

Good to know

SymbioVag® is a natural product, for this reason the colour can vary slightly. Discolourations do not, however, effect the potency, tolerance or quality. SymbioVag® should be kept in a refrigerator, if possible.