Pro-Symbioflor® - for immune modulation

The medicine Pro-Symbioflor®

  • contains the natural intestinal bacteria Enterococcus faecalis and Escherichia coli, in inactive form.
  • helps with complaints of stomach- intestinal function.
  • trains the immune system
  • suitable for infants

Gentle immune modulation with inactivated bacteria

The bacteria Enterococcus faecalis has a natural training effect on the immune system.

The biggest concentration of immune cells are to be found in the intestine. Invaders first come into contact with the immune system in this area. This contact activates the immune cells and stimulates them into spreading throughout the body. By means of the bloodstream they allocate themselves to the various mucous membranes.

Pro-Symbioflor® is available in any German pharmacy. 

How do I take Pro-Symbioflor®?

As long as nothing else is prescribed, the following dosage regulations apply:

Adults: 5 drops to be taken 3x daily (at meal times) at the beginning of the treatment. Within 2 weeks, to the dose is increased to 20 drops, 3x daily and taken for 4-6 weeks.

Children: suitably adapted (eg. 5 drops 3x daily, after 2 weeks increase to 10 drops 3x daily. To be administered for 4-6 weeks.)

Take Pro-Symbioflor® dissolved in some water along with your meals.

Shake well before use. This will cause slight clouding:

Compulsatory information

1 ml (14 drops) of Pro-Symbioflor®-suspension contains: bacterial lysate prepared from Escherichia coli (DSM 17252) and Enterococcus faecalis (DSM 16440 sterile autolysat from 1,5 to 4,5 × 107 cells each)

Further ingredients: Lactose monohydrate, sodium carbonate decahydrate, sodium chloride, magnesium sulfate heptahydrate, potassum chloride, calcium chloride dihydrate, magnesium chloride hexahydrate, nutrient solution (peptone, yeast extract, sodium chloride, glucose monohydrate) and purified water.

Indications: Regulation of the body's defences, gastrointestinal disorder.

Contraindications: Not to be taken if you are hypersensitive (allergic) to the active agent or any of the other ingredients

Possible side effects: Like any medicine, this medicine may also produce side effects, although these may not necessarily affect every person. Pro-Symbioflor® is generally well tolerated. Occasional (less than 1 in 1000 patients) occur flatulence, upper abdominal complaints.

Interactions with other medicines: Not known.

Ask your doctor or pharmacist about any health risks and possible side effects

Good to know

Pro-Symbioflor® is also suitable for children