Symbioflor® 2 - for irritable bowel syndrome

Symbioflor® 2

  • contains the natural intestinal bacterium E. coli
  • helps with irritable bowel syndrome
  • suitable for children 

Symbioflor® 2 is suitable for the treatment of stomach- intestinal complaints, especially irritable bowel syndrome. The affected suffer from abdominal pain, constipation or diarrhoea, without recognisable causes.

The intestinal microflora of a patient suffering from irritable bowel syndrome is different from that of a healthy person. Particularly the amount of lactobazilli, E. coli and bifidobacteria is reduced. The composition of the microflora also appears to be less stable.

Symbioflor® 2 contains a high concentration of the natural intestinalbacterium E. coli. The preparation can regulate the activity of the intestine and combat the discomforts of irritable bowel syndrome causatively.

Symbioflor®2 is available in any pharmacy.

How do I take it?

As long as nothing else is prescribed the following dosage regulations apply:

Adults: 10 drops, 3x daily, at meal times. After one week: 20 drops 3x daily.

Children: 10 drops to be administered, once daily, in some water, at meal times.

Infants: 5 drops to be taken, once daily, in some water, at meal times. 

What´s inside?

1 ml (14 drops) of Symbioflor® 2 contain: 1,5 to 4,5 x 107 Escherichia coli-bacteria

Further ingredients: sodium chloride, magnesium sulfate 7 H2O, potassium chloride, calcium chloride 2 H2O, magnesium chloride 6 H2O und purified water.

Good to know

Symbioflor® 2 is well-tolerated and suitable for children.